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If your bills are piling up and you do not know what to do to alleviate the amounting debt and stress, you need to look into bill consolidation alternatives. Consolidating your bills involves rolling all your debt (such as car loans, credit card bills, and outstanding/delinquent payments) into one new account with one payment. It could be a bill consolidation loan, where you apply for a low-interest consolidation loan or credit card. This helps reduce multiple high interest rate payments by consolidating them all into one loan/credit credit amount AND gets lenders off your back regarding back payments.

You could also consolidate bills through a service, like credit counseling or debt settlement if you cannot get approved for a loan. If you choose bill consolidation services, do your homework and pick the right solution for your situation, as some can hurt your credit or have longer term consequences.

If you are new to bill consolidation, read through the following resources, guides, and advice, and get a better idea of what is involved. Be sure to also get a free bill consolidation quote for a consolidation loan from our network of reputable lenders.

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